About us

We are Travel Media Productions, based in IJsselstein, The Netherlands. As the name suggests, we produce various types of material with travel as subject. Where the focus is mainly on footage and photography, we also write articles and upon request graphical design.

Travel Media Productions is a product of Gentoo Multimedia Limited, a company started back in 2007 and registered with the Chamber of Commerce in The Netherlands.


As founder and director, Raldi has been with the company since the beginning. He shot most of the work the company currently has on offer. Trained as an economist, he has taught himself how to handle the camera and market the material shot. His footage has been used in television commercials, music videos, films and on websites.

He began travelling the globe extensively early 2005, mostly to remote locations known for their wonderful wildlife spectacles. His favourite destinations include the polar regions (e.g. Svalbard, Canada and Antarctica) as well as the great parks in Africa, like the Serengeti and South Luangwa. Apart from this he frequently travels to cities worldwide on assignments. He still travels as much as possible, but as director he is also responsible for media acquisitions and sales.

Time Lapse & Footage


Roel has been contributing in the background for some time already. On a recent assignment shooting a series of time lapses in Paris, Roel has  also taken up the role as camera man for the first time.

Roel is an experienced and skilled graphic professional. He has earned his spurs in the graphic industry, where he has worked on numerous projects for high profile clients in, amongst others, the cultural sector and the fashion industry.

Apart from shooting footage for the company, Roel has been instrumental in editing the footage as well as images. In addition, he has played a role in behind-the-scenes organisational aspects like planning of trips, location scouting, shot composition and designing the logo etc.

Time Lapse & Footage
Graphic design


Lisanne is the most recent addition to our team and she handles the social media. With more and more people following us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Tumblr, we would like to keep you up to date on the material we produced, publications and broadcasts of our material and our travel schedule. Lisanne provides all this on all the media we are active on. In addition to the social media, Lisanne also manages a lot of behind-the-scenes work, such as trip planning and project management. During trips she provides valuable input for the best locations for a shoot.

Lisanne is an experienced project management officer for a large consultancy firm in the Netherlands, as well as a skilled photographer. Many of the photos on our social media accounts are taken by Lisanne.

Project management